About Us

Laurichshop is an online store which main objective is to provide a stabilize and easy way of product sales online on it plattform to all customers. We also have our physical shop located in Italy-Milan province at via piazza chiesa 10 vaprio dadda. Our goals is to create innovative method of shopping online with a high level of customers guarantee. We also provide a stream level customers satisfaction with standard_defined fast and discrete means of product shipping to the customer location without any delay upon arrival. We make sure the products requested by our customers arrives their location in good terms and hence customer good refund is been accepted within a given time range interval.

Why phsically located in Italy

Due to the our love and passionate for fashion laurichshop physical location is been based in italy. This is due to the fact that with the vast world known italian diversity on modelling and the nearnest to raw materials our physical location is been basd in italy also to facilitate the marketing strategy of our product. We also believe in the product quality provided in italy as compare to other countries in europe.

Opportunities are also been provided to customers to make order online in reference to a specific product of their choices so we can henecforth give them a specific time to search for the availability of the product and letting them know when the goods requested would be available and eventually shipping the product to their location after payment has been approved. Customers are also allow to make payment upon delivery to our courrier. 


Notes that unregistered products or the sales of illegal products are not acccepted on our plattform in reference to the terms and policies of the shopify regulation.